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Rebranding CrowdRiff

Over the past few months, the CrowdRiff brand has undergone a complete transformation, including a brand new colourful logo, refined typography, and a brand new website: CrowdRiff.com

The progression of the Crowd Riff logo

"I would highly recommend hiring Ryan for any interactive or graphic design position."

- David Badour

"Ryan was easy to talk to and had many great concepts to
go by."

- Kaylen McConnell

"I have no doubt that Ryan will be an asset to any individual or institution."

- Dr. Harsha V. Dehejia

"Ryan is always keeping me up to date with new creative ideas and makes me feel like I was a part of the development process along the way."

- Aaron Desilva

"I absolutely love it. I’m so pleased with what you’ve done so quickly."

- Cheryl Beillard

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